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AmCham Romania Events Individual & Team Resilience in a Remote Working World

Individual & Team Resilience in a Remote Working World

Oct 29, 2020 Online - via Cisco Webex Meetings

AmCham Romania is pleased to invite the members to a webinar offered by Valoria Business Solutions, on October 29, 2020, between 14:00 – 15:30, via Cisco Webex Meetings.

Working from home has become the solution and the curse of these days. On one hand, people feel a kind of freedom by working from a familiar place where they can also manage personal stuff, or they do not waist their time on traffic, on the other hand the physical distance has created frustration, anxiety, (unusual) pressure. Not to mention the other critical issues of family life: children with online courses, not enough space at home, not enough technological resources.

Managers and their team struggle to keep the spirit of the team and to deliver results. Waiting the end of a fight with an invisible enemy strongly affects the morale. At the beginning, the productivity seemed to go to the sky, the acceptance of implementing digitization projects has been high enough. Is it the same these days? Are we still in a positive energy level? If not what shall we do?

Teams remain the most important engine of the company. How shall we manage now remote teams?

Why participate in this webinar?

  • Resilience is the most used concept in re-gaining resources and building solutions within uncertain times;
  • We may learn quickly to learn with technology of remote communication. We need to have impact on team dynamics, and we may do this by understanding both the individual and team resilience;
  • Look for what it is within your team and envision what to be; then, together with your team, make the steps you need;
  • By doing this, you will be able to help your people make better decisions and stay focused even in challenging times.

Who is this webinar for?  

  • Managers and entrepreneurs who are affected in their collaboration with their team members by working from home;
  • Team leaders that are in a cross road point with their team and try to find solutions;
  • Managers and entrepreneurs who want to build greater resilience for their people and want to support their people through the pressures of the current times;
  • Managers and entrepreneurs who want to explore strategies for improving resilience at individual level.

 About the Facilitator

George Agafiței has 25 years of experience, out of which 11 within large companies in Romania (BRD, ProTV, Andersen, Ernst & Young) and the last 14 years as a freelancer dealing with people and business development. Together with Valoria, George developed some very interesting projects proving that collaboration, honouring differences and having similar purpose and values systems are the key ingredients for making the right things right.

Participation is open to AmCham Romania members & guests, based on prior confirmation online here by October 28, 2020, 18:00.

Registered participants will be provided with the login details via email.

When & Where

Date Thursday, October 29, 2020

Timeline 14:00 pm - 15:30 pm

Location Online - via Cisco Webex Meetings