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AmCham Romania Events Health in the Digital Society. How digital tools can help improve Romania’s healthcare system performance

Health in the Digital Society. How digital tools can help improve Romania’s healthcare system performance

AmCham Romania is pleased to announce the June 11 Health in the Digital Society. How digital tools can help improve Romania’s healthcare system performance Roundtable, that aims to bring together the most important stakeholders of the healthcare system in Romanian in order to:
  • Create a space for continuous dialogue
  • Binging together key officials and decision-makers, healthcare sector specialists, national and European experts in digitalization, medical technology and pharmaceutical sector researchers and decision makers, as well as healthcare sector business leaders to discuss digital innovation in healthcare.
Today, electronic registries are key tools that can help provide higher quality and safer care for patients while improving financial efficiencies and supporting better policy decision making. The implementation of a monitoring registries ensure, among others, the evaluation of treatment effectiveness based on real clinical practice.

Telemedicine solutions are used to increase collaboration between healthcare specialists, patients and their family to deliver high quality patient-centered care in the right place, at the right time. Also, telemedicine gives physicians increased access to inter-professional resources, to help them to make better informed decisions.
The development of e-Health/telemedicine solutions in Romania can positively impact the healthcare system and accelerate health reforms in the country, bringing important benefits for patients, especially for the population who lives in remote areas. Moreover, an effective telemedicine/eHealth public system will reduce the burden the Government is facing with the scarcity of funds and medical staff shortage.
Besides the infrastructure needed (medical and IT), the Romanian Government has to adopt the proper legal framework rewarding the family physicians for the additional telemedicine services, to establish the workflow procedures for reimbursing such services, even from one county to another with no efforts for patients and to effect the e-signature of the doctors issuing the second opinion.

Given the complexity of such topic, the specific goals of this event are focused on:
  • Next steps and best practices in eHealth tools: electronic registries.
  • Next steps, best practices and legislative framework for developing tele-medicine/tele-radiology.
  • Digital communication, legislative challenges and next steps
The core themes of the event are:
  • Informatics and digital tools to support value-based healthcare: electronic registries;
  • Better use of health data, in particular for research and innovation purpose;
  • Digital transformation and change management in health and social care organizations;
  • Policy recommendations needed to address key barriers in terms of patients’ access to therapies and development of a roadmaps.
Participation is limited to two representatives/company.
For details, please contact Ana-Maria Dorobat, AmCham Health Committee Coordinator at amdorobat@amcham.ro.

When & Where

Date Monday, June 11, 2018

Timeline 09:00 am - 15:30 pm

Location Impact Hub Timpuri Noi (Splaiul Unirii, nr. 165, clădirea TNO2, etaj 1, București, 030133)

Event's Gallery