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SORA si Asociatii - Lawyers

Sora & Asociatii is a full-service commercial legal provider with offices in Bucharest, the capital city and the most important industrial and financial center of Romania.

On the other hand, Sora & Asociatii Law Firm has also a strong legal network in all historical regions of Romania, having very good cooperation with lawyers from Timisoara, Cluj, Iasi, Brasov and Constanta.

On international view, Sora & Asociatii Law Firm is member of the legal network International Jurists and in this respect it is always in contact with the network members which now reached a number of 35 Law Firms from 31 countries.

Sora & Asociatii Law Firm has a great experience in many fields due to the various clients domains of activity. As a result, our professionals develop strategies that work because they know and understand the many facets of the Romanian business environment.

Besides our commitment to personalized client service and our reputation for delivering innovative and practical solutions, we deliver outstanding value to our clients, build strong relationships, and promote a positive, progressive and creative working environment.