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AmCham Romania News Updates regarding the U.S. Business Visa Facilitation Program for AmCham Romania Members

Updates regarding the U.S. Business Visa Facilitation Program for AmCham Romania Members

by AmCham Romania June 26, 2014

AmCham Romania members continue to benefit of the Business Visa Facilitation Program (BVFP) offered by the U.S. Embassy Consulate, a program that significantly reduces the waiting time before the appointment of the visa interview by providing access to special appointment blocks.

This program is designed for business travel only for full-time employees of member companies of the American Chamber of Commerce in Romania.

AmCham Romania members applying for a U.S. Business Visa through the BVFP will follow the first three (3) standard steps as described on the U.S. Embassy visas section here and provide the filled in Visa Information File (see attached) to amcham@amcham.ro.

Please be aware that:

  • BVFP applicants may seek B visas for their firm's business. B visas are generally issued for multiple entries during a 10-year period of time. No specific U.S. event or invitation is needed for BVFP travel. BVFP firms are encouraged to plan ahead and seek visas in advance for employees who may have a future or indeterminate need to travel.

  • BVFP applicants include professional, permanent, full-time employees of firms with AMCHAM patron, corporate, or business memberships. Casual, temporary, part-time or contract staff are ineligible. AMCHAM member firms may not submit visa applications for clients, business associates, customers, domestic servants, friends, or other relatives, who must apply in the normal manner by making an appointment online.

  • Generally, the appointment will be made for the first available slot (5 slots are available weekly, on Wednesdays at 09:00 a.m.)

For more information about the U.S. Visas, please visit the U.S. Visa Information Service for Romania.

AmCham contact person for BVFP:

Ioana Chilom, Community Engagement Coordinator - ichilom@amcham.ro

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