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AmCham Romania News To the Information of AmCham Romania Members: Adjustment of Membership Dues as of 2019

To the Information of AmCham Romania Members: Adjustment of Membership Dues as of 2019

by AmCham Romania November 21, 2018

As we celebrate AmCham’s 25th anniversary and past achievements, we continue to seek to enhance our impact by outlining a plan for the future of our organization that will align and respond to our members’ business interests!  AmCham has been and continues to be the leading association for advocacy and business growth in Romania, which is fully committed to facilitating an open dialog between its members and the authorities for the purpose of making Romania a better home for business and increasing the country’s economic competitiveness, in the region and at the European level.  We strongly believe that the underlying strength enabling AmCham’s effectiveness - past, present and future - remains our members’ contribution and commitment, helping us focus on providing relevant benefits, tools and platforms that contribute to advancing your business.

While maintaining AmCham's core values of transparency, integrity, and professionalism, we have striven to expand our reach and relevance of our two main pillars of activity, advocacy and business growth. The increasingly complex environment in which we operate today requires additional resources, more sophisticated instruments and new investments to serve your needs with agility and enhance the overall impact of the organization.

In order for AmCham to get to the next level of relevance and leadership, the AmCham Board of Directors have decided to adjust the annual membership fees and to reference them to EUR.  This is the first such adjustment since 2004 when the membership fees were referenced to RON and have remained unchanged for the past 14 years. 

In accordance with this decision, applicable for membership dues beginning with 2019, the contributions will be adjusted as follows:

  • EUR 3,800 - for Patron Members
  • EUR 1,800 - for Corporate Members
  • EUR    650 - for Business Members
  • EUR    300 - for Non-Profit Members

The renewal of the AmCham Romania membership status is automatic upon payment of membership dues. No additional administrative steps are required; however, we would be happy to accommodate any company specific requirements.

The membership renewal information & details will be communicated, as usual, at the beginning of December.

For finance related info, please contact Mihaela Gusu -Finance Manager at mgusu@amcham.ro.

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