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AmCham Romania News AmCham PRIORITES FOR ROMANIA, the 2019 edition

AmCham PRIORITES FOR ROMANIA, the 2019 edition

AmCham Romania presents the 2019 edition of the Priorities for Romania to the presidential candidates representing parliamentary parties. As with the previous editions, the recommendations are outlined in one to one meetings of AmCham representatives with the candidates prior to the elections. As meetings will unfold, updates will be included in our communication with AmCham Romania members.

Priorities for Romania, now at the fifth edition, is part of AmCham Romania’s systematic endeavours aimed at focusing and the electoral public debates on strategic themes for the Romanian economy and society at large. In our view, the periods ending and commencing electoral cycles are the right moments for reflection, configuration, and positioning of the political groups and their representatives to define the mandates they bring in front of the voters when asking for their vote of trust.

The priorities identified in this edition are both reflecting the emergency and complexity of the present and future challenges and opportunities that Romania has, without aiming for and exhaustive approach.

Please see attached the 2019 edition.

* The document has been elaborated and edited for release in Romanian. An English translation is available for information.

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