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AmCham Romania News AmCham Advocacy Flash: Highlights of Upcoming and Recent Initiatives

AmCham Advocacy Flash: Highlights of Upcoming and Recent Initiatives

by AmCham Romania May 10, 2022

MAY Focus: #AmChamDataProtectionMonth

Recent Meeting with Authorities

  • Meeting with Minister of Health Alexandru Rafila, May 5
  • Meeting with ANMDM President Razvan Prisada, May 4

The priorities of the #AmCham #Health Committee were shared with the main public stakeholders during dedicated meetings with Minister of Health Alexandru Rafila (May 5) and #ANMDM President Răzvan Prisada (May 4).

In the meeting with Minister Rafila, AmCham reps outlined the leading recommendations regarding the National Health Strategy 2021- 2030, public health financing in PNRR, implementation of the National Cancer Plan, predictability and transparency of the healthcare related legislation.

The AmCham delegation was led by Health Committee Chair Roberto Musneci and included Georgiana Cosoveanu, Janssen, Johnson & Johnson Romania, Raluca Simbotin – MSD, Ioana Stoenescu – Roche, Alexandra Munteanu, ACCA GE Health and Ana-Maria Ciobanu, AmCham.

The discussion agenda with ANMDM included topics related to the institution’s reorganization, acceleration of clinical studies approval in Romania, HTA legislation, accelerated evaluation of disease awareness materials as well as agreeing further cooperation.

  • Meeting with Dragos-Cristian Vlad, President, Authority for Digitalization of Romania/ADR, Mar 25
  • Consultation with the European Commission Delegation of the Recovery and Resilience Task Force, Mar 29
  • Meeting with Andrei Furdui, Director, Ministry of Justice (in the context of the Cooperation Platform with the Private Sector), Mar 31
  • Public Debate on the draft interoperability law, Chamber of Deputies, Parliament, Apr 5
  • Meeting with Hans Christiansen, Senior Economist, and Emeline Denis, Corporate Governance and Corporate Finance Division, Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs, OECD, Apr 13
  • Meeting with Sorin Cîmpeanu, Minister of Education (in the context of the One Voice for Education event), Apr 13
  • ANAF Consultative Council, Apr 19
  • Meeting with Marcel Ciolacu and Florin Câciu, Apr 20
  • Meeting with Constantin Cadariu, Minister of Entrepreneurship and Tourism, Apr 22
  • Meeting with Ministry of Tourism team on OMDs and Romania’s promotion, Apr 23
  • Technical Meeting with Ministry of Environment, Apr 29


Upcoming meeting with Authorities

  • AmCham meeting with ANMDM President, May 4th
  • AmCham meeting with Minister of Health, Mr. Rafila, May 5th
  • AmCham meeting with CNAS president, tbc
  • Meeting with National Agency for Public Procurement (ANAP), tbc

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