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September 20, 2007

One of the most important roles that AmCham has undertaken is fostering a dynamic communication platform within the Romanian business environment. The Chamber has accelerated the exchange of ideas, best-practice and business trends, by facilitating a direct interaction between local companies, state authorities, investors, NGOs and media.

Thus, AmCham organizes and supports over 60 events each year. From professional conferences, to business roundtables and informal networking gatherings, the range of events covers a wide diversity of topics and participating organizations.

The Business Breakfasts and Mixers provides useful forums in which the AmCham members and other representatives of the business community can share ideas and create stronger business ties with representatives of the Government and other business groups operating in Romania.

Furthermore, AmCham has established the Learning and Innovation Center, a sharing and learning platform that offers member companies the opportunity to participate in a large number of technical and soft skills sessions delivered by local professionals and specialists, also provided by AmCham members.

Helping members expand their business network remains a constant goal for AmCham and leading expectations on members’ side. AmCham Romania both creates dedicated contexts to facilitate business networking between members of the organization, as well as across the business community and also designs its various events and meetings in a manner that supports members’ objective of reaching out for new business opportunities.

4 of July Celebration
This is a perfect occasion to mix business with pleasure, to network and have a fun and relaxing evening together with family members and business partners. Every year’s celebration of the U.S. Independence Day was a great success, fully enjoyed by over 1,000 participants, and became a summer tradition.

CSR Awards – People for People Gala
AmCham has taken a leading role in driving the local CSR culture. AmCham Romania enlarged the scope of its mission to offer its members a broader perspective on how to make a difference beyond their business agendas. AmCham Romania has become a renowned promoter of corporate social responsibility and community involvement.
The Chamber’s cornerstone program in this area is People for People Gala, a joint initiative of AmCham and the Association for Community Relations (ARC) during the past 11 years. This is one of the first programs in Romania which acknowledges initiatives that bring a major change in the community and demonstrate the potential to inspire other similar actions and to change mentalities.
The People for People Gala organized each year, is aimed at three important objectives:
• To promote efficient and innovative projects as best-practice examples that can “contaminate” other companies, NGOs, and initiatives.
• To provide reference metrics for measuring the impact and visibility of social responsibility projects.
• To celebrate those special people who change the world through their actions.

Special AmCham Events Over the Years
AmCham Romania takes pride in being a lively organization, always in search of new ways to better serve its membership and the business community at large. Over time, new type of events and initiatives enriched AmCham’s agenda, some of which become a longstanding tradition, some just unique occasions in AmCham’s history!

AmCham offered its members access to premium business events, such as the Living Leadership Conference in 2004 - a world-class event that the Chamber has brought in Romania for the first time. Other special events include: the 9/11 Commemoration event organized in 2002 in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy, the Romanian Economic Forum, organized in 2009, in collaboration with peer organizations), or AmCham’s 15 years anniversary gala.

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